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Divider Walls - Printed


Developed with Kids First Sports Center, these moveable walls are great when you need to divide the floor or other carpeted space between classes.  Hook and loop fasteners on the bottom sides and flaps means these walls don't get pushed out of the way easily. This Divider Wall measures 28" high x 60" long x 6" thick and features our Three printed graphic on both sides of divider. Shipping is included inside the US (lower 48 states). These normally ship in 8-9 weeks.
K-3060F (Fence), K-3060C (Cones), K-3060R (Ropes)
Printed Divider Choice Picket Fence (K-3060F)
Traffic Cones (K-3060C)
Velvet Rope (K-3060R)
Price: $340.00
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Domino Cartwheel Block


The Domino Cartwheel Block is a great tool for teaching cartwheels. The block is 18" x 36" x 5" and comes with two dots for hand placement. Dots are perfectly placed, easy to see and don't discriminate between left and right hands. Dots are a perfect substitute for hands and help to keep kids focused on the mechanics of the cartwheel as opposed to the specific finger placement. Filled with prime layers of crosslink for a firm surface. Covered in our rugged 18oz vinyl. Handles make transporting easy.
Two placement dots for perfect hand positioning.
Shipping is Free (inside the US - lower 48 states)!

Domino Color Pink (top and bottom) with Blue sides
Orange (top and bottom) with Blue Sides
Price: $70.00
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Donut Halves


Rock ‘em, lay ‘em on their sides and form an obstacle course or attach a couple end-to-end using the hook and loop fastener strips to make a whole donut. However you use our Round Donut Halves, you’ll have a “hole” lot of fun. Covered with brightly-colored, extremely tough 18 oz. vinyl fabric, all are filled with 70ILD prime polyurethane foam. Donut Halves' core polyfoam filler is sandwiched between two 1.25" polyethylene segments for extra stability. We supply random multiple colors unless requested otherwise. Diameter measurements are based on a full circle (requiring two halves). Priced per half--two required to make a complete donut. Two sizes to choose from. Shipping is FREE via UPS inside continental US - lower 48 states.
GF-911 1/2 of 15"W x 48"D Donut $429
GF-912 1/2 of 18"W x 52"D Donut $514
Usually takes 8-9 weeks to ship.
Price: $429.00
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Donut Plugs


These donut plugs can be used on their own or to fill in the holes in the corresponding round donuts. Supplied in random colors unless otherwise requested. Shipping is not included in the prices below, it will be added at checkout.

GF-811 15" width  x 25" diameter $175
GF-812 18" width x  29" diameter $225
GF-813 30" width x 29" diameter $325
 Estimated shipping time is 8-9 weeks
Choose Size GF-811
GF-812 (+$50.00)
GF-813 (+$150.00)
Price: $175.00
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We offer 2 types of Donuts -- Round and Octagonal.
The Round Donuts
are made to be rolled in, jumped through, run around etc. for hours of entertaining enjoyment. 70 ILD polyfoam filler is covered with our long-wearing 18 oz. coated vinyl. There are three sizes of the round from which to choose.


GF-801 15" wide x 48" diameter $425
GF-802 18" wide x 52" diameter $560
GF-803 30" wide x 52" diameter $850


The Octagonal Donuts make great play forts, activity centers, spaceships, goals, etc. Covered with our tough 18 oz. coated vinyl and filled with 70 ILD foam only. Multicolored covers. There are three sizes of the octagonal from which to choose.


GF-901 15" wide x 48" diameter $385
GF-902 18" wide x 52" diameter $500
GF-903 30" wide x 52" diameter $785


Round Donuts and Octagonal Donuts are covered with brightly-colored, extremely tough 18 oz. vinyl fabric. All are filled with 70 ILD prime polyurethane foam. Donut Halves' core polyfoam filler is sandwiched between two 1.25" polyethylene segments for extra stability. Compare ours to theirs and we're sure you'll agree these Donuts are a sweet deal!
All of these full Donuts are shipped via motor freight, so you will need to Request Freight Quote to find out the delivered price.
Usually takes 8 to 9 weeks to ship.



Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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Easy Hang Rings


Hang these rings on any bar for instant fun in strength training or play. What makes these rings different from any other on the market is the ease in which they are adjusted. The carabineer clips easily flip open and closed and the straps are color coded to ensure each ring is set for the same height. The rings are made from a strong polycarbonate and the surface has a non-slip texture. Not intended for competition. Rings can help with grip strength from hanging, Swinging, Pull-ups, Leg lifts, Arm Strength, Ab Strength.
SPECIFICATIONS: Rings are 1” thick; straps adjust from 23” (58 cm) to 33” (84 cm) long.

Prod ID Description


RINGS-REC Recreation Rings: 7 ½” (19 cm) diameter $65
RINGS-STD Standard Rings 9 ¼” diameter (23 cm) which is FIG standard. $80
Shipping is included inside the US (lower 48 states)
Ring Size Recreation Rings (7 1/2" Diameter RINGS-Rec)
Standard Rings (9 1/4" Diameter RINGS-Std) (+$15.00)
Price: $65.00
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Fitness Wheel


MAKE FITNESS FUN! Possibly the most versatile piece of equipment in your gym! Each ring on the 5’ and 8’ Fitness Wheels can be inflated independently for use at varying heights ranging from *12” to 32” high, making it perfect for all ages and skill levels to practice hundreds of skills and drills.

Designed to be used with either the open or closed side facing up, the outside edge can easily accommodate up to 13 learners at a time! Use it as a mat stack, wall station, balance station, vault table- the bright colors are instant fun, great for preschool learning and helpful for class management.

The wheel is also stable enough to use upright as a wall station or fun rolling station. D-rings on the exterior make it simple to add webbing or straps to secure it to a set of bars.

ID Description


FW-5D 5’ Wheel
12” high with 1 ring, 24” with 2 rings inflated
FW-8D 8’ Wheel
16” high with 1 ring, 32” with 2 rings inflated

Price shown is your delivered price (inside US - 48 states). This is the lowest price in the US
" I just had to write and let you know what an awesome product the fitness wheel is!! It was so easy to inflate and the colors make anyone want to play on it. There are endless uses for this product. My gymnasts were so excited and had a great time! Thank you Tumbl Trak for making another great product!" - Sandra Charbonneau, Little Flipsters Gymnastics  

Choose Size 5' Fitness Wheel (FW-5D)
8' Fitness Wheel (FW-8D) (+$450.00)
Price: $1,499.00
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Fun Beams


What child doesnt like to walk or balance on a curb? Great for early gymnasts, too! These new imaginative, colorful beams provide extra excitement to preschool gyms. Lightweight but firm enough to hold an adult. 6 1/2' long x 10" wide at the base with a 4" wide training top. Low to the ground. Only 7" tall and weighs just 8 lbs. Washable and durable for years to come. Fun for any age 1 to 99! Click 'Details' for larger view.
Price includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48). May take 3-5 weeks to ship.
List Price: $250.00
Price: $205.00
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Fun Cube


Exponentially increases the fun factor and takes entertaining educational activities to a playful new plane. Fun Cubes can be laid flat to create a common play pad or folded into shape and secured with hook and loop fastener flap to produce a modular four-sided creative center. We make Fun Cube covers from 18 oz. coated vinyl in random colors, and fill each panel surface with our own unique 70 ILD polyfoam/polyethylene combination.
Open size 96" x 24" x 3" Ships via UPS.
Price: $199.00
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Fundamental Center


The Fundamental Center incorporates a colorful selection of our most popular foam-filled fundamental shapes so there’s something for everyone. Consists of 1 center block (24" x 24" x 14"), 3 standard incline mats (48" x 24" x 14") and 1 deluxe two step (22" x 24" x 14") all of which can be connected together with hook and loop fastener. Each piece is filled with prime polyurethane foam and covered with our super strong 18 oz. coated vinyl fabric. Overall Size: 8' x 10'.  85 lbs. Made in USA. Price: $710 (plus Motor Freight) Request a delivered price!

Price: $710.00
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