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Dismount Mat - Tumbl Trak


Designed specifically for use with the Tumbl Trak or Porta Trak, this mat attaches securely to the end of either unit with nylon webbing straps. A multi-density filler is covered on the top, sides and bottom with 18 oz. coated vinyl. Nylon mesh breather fabric is located along each side. The 61212 is intended for the Porta Trak, but is often used with Rod Floors and other areas of the gym. The TT-714 is the recommended Dismount for an Above Ground Tumbl Trak.

The foam ships separately from the cover, so assembly is required.
Made in the USA. These normally take about two weeks to ship.
Item # Size


Delivered Price
61212 6' x 12' x 12" Mat 150 $1,390
TT-714 7' x 14' x 18" Mat 220 $2,155
The prices above are with shipping included (inside the US - lower 48 states).
Dismount Mat 6' x 12' x 12" Mat (61212)
7' x 14' x 18" Mat (TT-714) (+$765.00)
Price: $2,155.00
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Frame Bar


The Frame Bar can be mounted to the Tumbl Trak,™ Inground Tumbl Trak, Xtreme Tumbl Trak, Preschool Tumbl Trak and Porta Trak. It allows gymnasts to practice a variety of bar skills including handstand skills, uprises and several release moves. The Frame Bar easily attaches and detaches with steel knobs (no hardware required). It has become a “must have” accessory to any Tumbl Trak.™ (Does not come with a section of Tumbl Trak - just the bar with attachment hardware.) Two year warranty on material and workmanship. Shipping is included (inside the US - lower 48 states).
--- For more detail, Click on "Details"
List Price: $309.00
Price: $279.00
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Porta Trak


The Porta Trak offers the same high quality and versatility as the original Tumbl Trak. In addition, the Porta Trak is designed for easy mobility. It weighs about half as much as the Tumbl Trak and can be folded and wheeled away! Useful for small gyms that must put away their equipment often. Frame is 70" wide and 16" high. Bed is 53" wide. When folded and on its side, the width will be about 34", the height about 75" (including casters), x 1/2 the overall length. The 15' and 20' units fold in half. The 30' unit folds 7 1/2' on each end inward. Click 'Details' for additional pictures. All models ship via Motor Freight.
ID# Item Weight Sug Retail

Our Price

Delivered Price
TT-15WS 15' Porta Trak 285 lbs $3,495 $3,146 $3,441
TT-20WS 20' Porta Trak 410 lbs $4,495 $4,046 $4,371
TT-30WS 30' Porta Trak 570 lbs $6,495 $5,846 $6,271
The prices above include a 10% discount! The Delivered Price at the far right (above) includes shipping inside the US (lower 48 states).  These prices are for the Porta Trak only and do not include a dismount mat or skirting.
Price: $3,441.00
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Quick Flex Bar


The Quick Flex Bar allows for lots of repetitions when learning to hit a handstand with open shoulders. Bouncing off the stomach helps develop cast handstands, back uprise handstands, and front giants. The Quick Flex Bar can be connected to the Tumbl Trak, Inground Tumbl Trak, Recreation Tumbl Trak and Xtreme Trak. If it will be connected to an Inground Tumbl Trak, please specify on your purchase order so we can include the appropriate brackets. When practicing Tkatchevs, a common occurrence is hitting heels on the bar. This bar is SOFT and much friendlier for those heels. Comes with storage bag ('Bar-in-a-Bag'). Free Shipping inside the US (lower 48 states).
Price: $332.00
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Recreation (aka Preschool) Tumbl Trakô


The original Tumbl Trak™ is now available with SOFT springs designed specifically for gymnasts that weigh 110 lbs. or less as well as a bright colorful new look. It is a bouncier version of the original Tumbl Trak. Great for practicing skills like seat drops and back drops. A wonderful station for recreational classes. 

The Tumbl Trak™ has become a "must have" piece of equipment for most gym clubs. Not only is it a great training tool, it can easily be named the main attraction of most gyms, thereby increasing enrollment and profitability.

SPECIFICATIONS: Frame is 21" high x 83" wide, Bed is 56" wide, Springs are 6" soft springs
WARRANTY: 2 years
ID# Item Sug. Retail Our Price Delivered Price
21-10PK 10' Preschool Tumbl Trak™ $1,295 $1,166 $1,441
21-15PK 15' Preschool Tumbl Trak™ $2,045 $1,841 $2,166
21-20PK 20' Preschool Tumbl Trak™ $2,595 $2,336 $2,711
21-25PK 25' Preschool Tumbl Trak™ $3,245 $2,921 $3,306
21-30PK 30' Preschool Tumbl Trak™ $3,695 $3,326 $3,751
21-40PK 40' Preschool Tumbl Trak™ $4,895 $4,406 $4,856

The prices above include a 10% discount! These prices in the far right column
include shipping (insider the US - lower 48 states). Price does not include the dismount mat, or skirting.
Price: $1,441.00
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Runup Ramp for Tumbl Trak


Runup Ramps for the Tumbl Trak. A Run-up Ramp allows the athlete to utilize more of the tumbling surface for their tumbling skills by giving them more running space. Foam filled, vinyl covered ramps are available to attach to an Air Trak, Tumbl Trak™ and Porta Trak. Each ramp is 2’ wide and is filled with a firm foam that is designed for years of use. They also can be folded in half to form a rectangular shaped spotting block. Tumblers can get a running start on these popular ramps to get the most of their turn on the trak.
FR-42 8' x 2' x 21" Folding Ramp (Use with above ground Tumbl Trak) $499
FR-6217 12' x 2' x 17" Folding Ramp (Use with the Porta Trak) $679
FR-6221 12' x 2' x 21" Folding Ramp $754
These prices do include shipping (inside the US - lower 48 states). These normally ship within a week.
Ramp 8' x 2' x 21" (FR-42)
12' x 2' x 17" (FR-6217) (+$180.00)
12' x 2' x 21" (FR-6221) (+$255.00)
Price: $499.00
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Tumbl Trak


The original Tumbl Trak™ is a training tool designed to allow for increased repetition of tumbling and gymnastic skills and to decrease stress on body parts.
The Tumbl Trak™ has become a "must have" piece of equipment for gym clubs and cheerleading programs. Not only is it a great training tool, it can easily be named the main attraction of most gyms, thereby increasing enrollment and profitability. Bar and vaulting attachments are available. Price includes frame, bed, hardware, springs, pads, velcro, endcaps and spring tool. All models ship via Motor Freight. The prices in the far right column are your delivered prices inside the continental US (lower 48 states). These ship within 2 weeks.

SPECIFICATIONS: Frame - 21" high x 83" wide, Bed - 60" wide, Springs - 6" long  Warranty: 2 years
ID# Item Suggested Retail Motor
Delivered Price
10% Off!!
21-10 10' T-21 Tumbl Trak™ $1,195 275 $1,351
21-15 15' T-21 Tumbl Trak™ $1,850 320 $2,175
21-20 20' T-21 Tumbl Trak™ $2,495 355 $2,601
21-30 30' T-21 Tumbl Trak™ $3,595 425 $3,661
21-40 40' T-21 Tumbl Trak™ $4,795 525 $4,841
21-50 50' T-21 Tumbl Trak™ $5,995 625 $6,021
21-60 60' T-21 Tumbl Trak™ $7,095 685 $7,071
These prices are the lowest in the United States!
Price: $1,351.00
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Tumbl Trak - Inground


For safety reasons, many gyms prefer to have the Tumbl Trak™ flush with the floor. Inground Tumbl Traks require a poured cement pit in the floor of your gym. Pit should be 78 inches wide and 24 inches deep. The length of the pit will depend on the length of your Tumbl Trak. The actual beds are 60" wide. We can also quote special pit sizes. Bolts, hardware and complete assembly instructions are provided with purchase.

Options include a closed end (frame, springs and pads on the end of Tumbl Trak as well as the sides).
Warranty: 2 years
Choose the Trak that best fits your facility!

ID# Item Sugg. Retail

Our Price

Delv'd Price

IN-10 10' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $945 $851 $1,126
IN-20 20' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $1,795 $1,616 $1,951
IN-30 30' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $2,595 $2,336 $2,701
IN-40 40' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $3,595 $3,236 $3,661
IN-50 50' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $4,395 $3,956 $4,421
IN-60 60' Inground Tumbl Trak™ $5,395 $4,856 $5,381
CE Closed End (when with TTrak) $299 $269 $394
EB End Block $399 $359 $484

The delivered price in the far right column is the price with shipping included (inside the US - lower 48 states). Note: The strongly suggested Closed End is only available when you are purchasing the Tumbl Trak itself or when you replacement the bed. The Closed End is a safety feature that actually connects the start point of your Tumbl Trak to the concrete so that there is no possibility of slipping off the bed's edge. (Click 'Details' to see a picture of the Closed End.) The End Block is needed when you have a loose foam pit that the Tumbl Trak dismounts into. This block prevents the migration of blocks under the Trak. These normally ship within two weeks.

Price: $1,126.00
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Tumbl Trak - Padded Skirting


We strongly recommend padded skirts for additional safety -- to pad the side of your Tumbl Trak™ frame. These fit the Tumbl Trak™,  Tumbl Traks™, Xtreme Trak™, or Preschool TT. They are sold per 5 foot section per side. So, to cover one side of a 20' Trak, you would need 4 of these. Each pad velcros to the frame and is 5' x 21" x 1 1/2". Available at this price in red only - other colors are available for additional cost. Price shown includes shipping inside the continental US (lower 48).
Price: $95.00
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Tumbl Trak - Standard Skirting


This is the standard Tumbl Trak skirting for the sides of your Trak. They are  21" high. Velcros onto the Tumbl Trak.  The 21" Skirting is for the regular Tumbl Trak or the Preschool Tumbl Trak. They are sold by the 10' section (per side). Price shown includes shipping. These usually ship in about 2 weeks.
Price: $52.00
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