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A - Elite RNA Balance Beam - AAI


This top of the line Reflex Non-Adjustable Balance Beam is handcrafted, ensuring the highest quality and attention to detail. Beam is covered with a suede-like, slip-resistant material. 
FYI - A reflex beam is a beam with an inner spring which provides the athlete with the appropriate amount of shock absorption and rebound which returns the energy to the gymnast.
  • FIG approved
  • Meets FIG, USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications
  • Accommodates FIG, USAG, NCAA and NFHS mat specifications
  • Unique 1/4" composite pad provides a firm yet forgiving surface
  • Height is fixed at the FIG competition height of 125 cm
  • The urethane spring is designed for repeated impacts without losing any of its energy absorbing properties
  • Powder coated navy vein finish resists chipping, fading and regular wear and tear found in average finishes
  • Padded end caps for additional protection
  • Beam dimensions: 16'5" long x 4" wide
  • Weight 362 lbs
  • Normally ships in 3-4 weeks
    407-430  -- Price $3,390 + motor freight  
    Request Freight Quote
See a comparison of AAI Beams here.
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A - Elite Uneven Bars - AAI


AAI’s ELITE™ Uneven Bars are made with highly engineered materials to ensure longevity and withstand many years of competition and training.
  • FIG Approved
  • Meets USAG, NCAA and NFHS competition specifications
  • New rod ends provide a more consistent performance with reduced  wear on the rail collar
  • Dual slide collars allow unit to exceed FIG bar-to-bar width specifications, adjusting from 95cm to 192cm
  • Low bar adjusts in height from 61” (155cm) to 73” (185cm)
  • High bar adjust in height from 93” (235cm) to 104” (265cm)
  • Dual snap and spin lock systems provide optimum height accuracy and security
  • Graphite X Rails provide the feel of wood with the strength and resiliency of fiberglass for maximum performance
  • Heavy-duty pistons designed to provide added stability and performance
  • Easy to adjust cabling system for enhanced stability
  • Bases and spreader links finished in powder coated navy vein
  • Includes two Assist Steps (407-059)
  • Can be used with the Freestanding Uneven Bar Adapter and/or SRS System
  • Includes four cable covers
  • Unit requires four floor anchors (not included)
  • 407-080 (with Graphite X Rails) $4,535 + Motor Freight

> Also available with Graphite E Rails. (407-109) $4,535 + Motor Freight

American Athletic, Inc. (AAI), is proud to announce that in September 2016, we received FIG approval (and certification) for the Graphite “E” Rail to be used during competition on our Elite Uneven Bar System (407-109).  The Graphite E Rail is made with less graphite strands than our Graphite X Rail allowing the gymnast a “softer” feel. The Graphite E Rail has been in use at the USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic level for approximately 5 years, and now is approved for use during all competition.

Normally ships within 3 to 4 weeks.

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A - Ergojet Vaulting Table - SA


The Ergojet Vaulting Table by Spieth Germany has a design that is ideal for Elite level clubs and competitions. Optional Base Padding available. The Table's height smoothly adjusts from 100cm (39 1/3") to 140cm (55 3/25"), in increments of 2" using a gas spring system. The surface consists of 2-fold fiberglass reinforced plastic and an integrated resilience system. Special cushioning in front and safety padding on the base offers optimum impact protection. A built-in transport system makes it easy to move the table. Floor space required: 110cm (43 3/10") x 94cm (37"). FIG Approved.

Optional Base Pads: 4' x 4' x 20 cm $601 (shown); 4' x 8' x 20 cm $788; 4' x 4' x 12 cm $383; 4' x 8' x 12 cm $630 (Freight not included)
$5,138 + Freight Request Freight Quote
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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A - Freestanding Uneven Bars - SA


Stand Alone Cableless Gymnastics Unevens Bars by SA are the ultimate space saving, cable free, portable uneven bars. These uneven bars are stable for up to giant swings. Height adjustment is quick and easy with the aid internal upright gas springs. Bars adjust in width from 130cm (51") to 205cm (80.5"). The high bar adjust from 218cm (86.8") to 266cm (104.7") and the low bar adjust from 143cm (56-5/16') to 193cm (76"). These Uneven Bars have their own built in transport system-simply flip the lever on the bases and roll them out of the way. The perfect set of bars for High Schools, YMCA's, Recreation Departments and of course the perfect space saving bars for clubs. Uneven bars with retractable legs for higher stability. Easy to operate with adjusting tubes assisted by springs. A rail can easily be removed and interchanged with the steel rail of the Horizontal Bar. Integrated built-in transport system. Can be tensioned with cables. Normally ships in 2 to 4 weeks of your order.
$6,307 plus freight. Request Freight Quote
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A - International "Barcelona" Balance Beam - SA


The “Barcelona” Balance Beam by SPIETH Germany is made of a special light metal profile with elastic top padding and upholstered with a moisture absorbing, synthetic leather surface. The 2-leg bases have built-in damping elements providing high peak force reduction. The leg construction ensures the mats remain in a consistent position at all height settings. Normally ships in 3 to 4 weeks. FIG Certified.
$3,515 + Freight Request Freight Quote
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A - International "Bern" Uneven Bars - SA


The “Bern” Uneven Bars by SPIETH Germany are competition uneven bars that offer the flex and feel world class competitors desire. The rails are designed with unbreakable, rounded wooden bar with Carboflex®. FIG Certified. Normally ships in 2 to 4 weeks. 
Low bars adjusts from 140cm (55”) to 180cm (71”) in 5cm (2”) increments. 
High bar adjusts from 210cm (82 2/3”) to 250cm (98 1/2”) in 5cm (2”) increments.
Width adjustment from 110cm (43 1/3”) to 185cm (72 4/5”), continuously.
Wood coated fibreglass rails “Carboflex®” included Transport system included.
$5,163 + Freight Request Freight Quote
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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A - Parallel Blocks


Designed to make learning a less painful process. White stripes along two edges of each cover visually represent P-bar rails. Although developed as a men’s bar trainer, these 48"L X 28"W X 40"H blocks are useful for a variety of other purposes in both men's & women's programs.

Firm polyethylene foam layer bonded to all four sides of the 100 ILD polyfoam core provides a stable surface in all horizontal configurations. Norbert’s makes Parallel Block covers from 18 oz. vinyl-coated polyester; seams are double stitched and 2" wide heavy webbing handles attached to ends for easy positioning.

Available in  royal blue, red, light blue, green, orange or yellow. Request a Quote.
$1,225 + Motor Freight. Priced per pair.
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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A - P-Bar Box


P-Bar trainers have been around for a long time, from the wooden boxes of eastern Europe to the current foam blocks. But, none train beginning and advanced skills as well as the By GMR blocks. The blocks feature a 1.5" diameter fiberglass rail which is padded with 1/2" Flextek foam and covered in 18 oz. vinyl. The bar is 2.25" above the box surface which allows the gymnasts to wrap the bar with the whole hand. The bars is 60" long. Skills such as Stutz, Diamidov, Healy, Front and Back Toss as well as basic swings are easy to work. They are also GREAT for spotting beam, unevens or high bar. Each unit is 24" wide, 39" tall and 48" long. 355 lbs.
T108 - Price: $1,400 (sold by the pair)
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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A - Recreational Beam - SA


The Competition beam features an aluminum body with a non-slip padded top surface. Equipped with a quick and easy adjustment for setting the height of the beam from 90cm (35 7/16") to 140cm (55 1/9"). Positioning is done on a graduated scale. Supplied with anti-slip pads. Normally ships within 3 to 4 weeks. FIG Approved. 4" W x 16' L. $1,953 + Freight. Request Freight Quote
Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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A - Recreational Uneven Pro Bars - SA


The newly designed Uneven Pro Bars II are still widest bars on the market! However, the cables now attach to the uprights instead of to the rails. With the 6-ACSYS cable, you can use the high bar as a single bar trainer. Built to FIG, USA Gymnastics, NCAA, NFHS, and AAU specifications.
  • High bar adjusts from 223cm (88") to 274cm (108") in 5cm (2") increments 
  • Low bars adjusts from 141.5cm (55 3/4") to 179cm (70 1/2") in 5cm (2") increments
  • Width adjustment from 130cm (51 1/8") to 216cm (85 1/8") in 4cm ( 1 5/8") increments
  • Pin-style width adjusters provide fast adjustment
  • Pro Bars II come with unbreakable wooden Carboflex rails (#JF2202200)

122PB-120 - with Standard Cables $3,840 + Freight
122PB-130 - with ACSYS Cables $3,600 + Freight
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Price: Click 'Request a Quote' at side or bottom of page to get a delivered price.
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